“Baltimore based artist and herbal healer Abrahm Turpin is one of Charm City’s best kept secrets. He’s an easy going, laid back guy with a gregarious personality and a boisterous sense of humor. Abe, as his friend’s call him is never seen without art supplies. A truly gifted illustrator, his work leans more towards the sensual, erotic aspect of femininity. Possessing an innate penchant for celebrating the curvaceous and alluring characteristics of life’s plentiful, multi-dimensional, living works of art: women.

With a myriad of styles and techniques, Abe has a way of depicting women of all nationalities in their most perfect and beautiful state. Encompassing anime, traditional, comic book, sketch up and tattoo styles, his vision is truly unique. Capturing a playful glance, freckled cheeks,or abundant curves, etc, is what he does. Pulling forth a snapshot of life and immortalizing it, with his own nuance is what makes his work truly compelling.

This collection is only a small handful of pieces collected over the years. Any one who is an
enthusiast for line and form and women, as a whole, will find something here that speaks to them.”